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Break-Ups; the Road to Better – Tim Dugger Headliner – Sparks February 2019

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Watch as Tim relates his personal and professional break-ups and what he learned in the process. To learn more about Tim visit his LinkedIn profile at

For over 30 years Tim Dugger has been helping everyone from juniors and seniors in high school to doctors, attorneys and CEOs of billion-dollar companies determine their best fit career opportunities that will cause them to bounce out of bed to go to work. As a headhunter, Tim conducted searches throughout the U.S. and in 7 different countries around the world for positions up to the President of Cooper tire. He has done almost 1,500 coaching sessions with individuals utilizing various personality assessments and loves to show people why they are kind of a big deal. He truly thinks he has the greatest job in the world! Tim is a proud father and grandfather. He admits to being the worst guitar player in the world.

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