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Big Ag Vs Small Farm – Nick Carter Headliner – Sparks October 2016

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Watch as Nick Carter helps us understand and contrast the difference between Big Ag Vs Small Farm.  To learn more about Nick visit his LinkedIn profile at

Nick Carter. Not only is he a Sparks headliner alumni but he was our first official headliner! If there was a slogan for Nick, it would be “scratching an entrepreneurial itch in hard to reach places.” Starting his first business at the age of 16, Nick is truly an entrepreneur at heart. Born as a farm boy, Nick has a rich heritage in entrepreneurship and a firm understanding of hard work. He has started and grown several companies and is passionate about seeing others do the same. Nick’s latest work reflects on of his passions: entrepreneurship. The book Twelve Seconds was written to offer small businesses some practical advice on real, sustainable growth for your company. If you know Nick for his work in the tech startup world, you may be interested in his book “Unfunded”, which details how he started and grew AddressTwo without any investment capital.

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