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Americana Definitely Different – Toddy Curry – Sparks August 2019

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Watch as Todd Curry compares America to the rest of the world, but not how you might think. To learn more about Todd visit his LinkedIn profile by clicking this link

Todd Curry is a modern-day super hero. He helps people get back to the way they were before their houses, cars, businesses, and other possessions were damaged or destroyed. Most people simply call him an insurance agent. He is the owner of Curry Agency, a Fishers independent insurance agency.  Additionally Todd is an International singer – He has performed bad karaoke on three continents.  Todd is Navy Veteran who has traveled to Europe, Africa, and Asia.  His favorite role is that of a Husband and Father. His Passions include golf, watching sports, and enjoying live music (especially The Struts). Lastly Todd is a member of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir Board and the Sparks board since the very beginning.

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