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A Cup of Judgement – Tim Roberts – Sparks Headliner May 2015

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Be challenged and inspired by Tim Roberts as he talks about the contrast between judgement and trust. Which one would you keep your cup full of? To know more about Tim, visit his website:

Tim’s official title or job description is: “sales trainer.” But, that may be far from accurate. If you asked Tim, he would really tell you that he’ i in the “mental intervention business.”

His job is actually to get people to see their selling career – or perhaps even their life – differently than they do now. He’d probably tell you that his value proposition is “original thinking” and his Sparks talk would give you a glimpse of exactly what that means.

I suspect you’re going to find out he’s going to make you think – be challenged.  But you will also feel his giving spirit. He always brings a message – and he always brings passion. Tim likes to INSPIRE.

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