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90 Miles Hike in 2014 – Mary Ann Wietbrock – Sparks May 2015

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Mary Ann Wietbrock is a Master Naturalist and loves to hike. Watch her Sparks talk as she walks us through the 90 miles hike in 2014 that she and husband did. To learn more about Mary Ann visit her LinkedIn profile Click Here!

Mary Ann Wietbrock has been a nurse for 30 years and went back to  school to receive her Masters in 2009. She married Dave 12 years ago. They are empty-nesters and travel around Indiana to hike. She is a new grandma for Jack. She becamse a Master Naturalist in 2005 and a Land Steward. As a Land Steward, she organizes volunteers to care for the for Schramm Woods Nature Preserve in Hancock County. She qualified as a Master Gardener last year and is working to establish New Palestine as a Community Wildlife Habitat.

She has 10 perennial gardens and a pond with one fish.

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