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Deanna Morae


Nora, IN. 46240

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I am the Shine Coach and Wellness Guide!

What is a Shine Coach? I help people refine their message, and magnify their impact with their speech and shine a little brighter. Want to take your talk to the next level? Want to get people’s attention and keep it? Schedule your session today!

As a Wellness Guide at, ReZENergize Sanctuary, we offer a wide variety of modalities, devices (Bemer for better blood flow, Biomat, BrainTap, and Scenar to name a few) and products to help relieve pain, trigger your body to heal itself, and revitalize the best you. ReZENergize Sanctuary is the only 24 unit Energy Enhancement System in Indianapolis.

You owe it to yourself to come and experience the Scalar field and learn all the ways it can help you feel better too.

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ReZENergize Sanctuary

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